Summer 2008

I've been very lucky to have been working with two rising artists who have been taking up the majority of my time.
I produced and arranged (and played all of the instruments) on two songs, "Oxygen" and "Fever," for an outstanding singer, Erica Shine. Erica got a Grammy nomination for her single "Intoxicating" on her first album by the same name with her twin sister in their electronica pop duo, Fantasy Twins, before going out on her own. Born in Seoul, South Korea, Erica lived in Japan before moving to the United States. She's fluent in English, Korean and Japanese and plans on doing versions of the newest material in English and Japanese.

As well as producer, I'm honored to be a co-writer on "Oxygen," which will be released as a single in the near future. You can hear it on her MySpace site (she's in my top friends). Actually, I think it's available as a free download (temporarily). There will be a remix soon, so the final product will probably sound much different than it does be sure to check it out!

Ross Leitner, my recording partner/engineer, who worked with me on my Robotech remake CD (still available at the STORE), is producing another wonderful artist, Haikaa. I've been deeply involved in her project...playing all the guitars and doing arrangements for a lot of the material for her upcoming album. Haikaa was born in Japan and currently lives in Brazil, where she grew up. Like Erica, she is multi-lingual...fluent in English, Japanese and Portuguese.

I'm having a great time working with these two beautiful and talented singers and musicians. I hope all of you will check out their music. I will let you know when their CDs are available for purchase. I'm very proud of the work I've done...and am thankful Ross has included me in Hakaii's project as I did with him on my project with Erica Shine.

~ mb