Michael as " Yellow Dancer "

A few thoughts from Michael about his Robotech works:

      In the spring of 1985, my songwriting partner Steve Wittmack and I walked into the offices of Harmony Gold on Sunset Blvd. and were hired to write a song called Flower of Life. It was to be a featured song on the television show, Robotech ®. This was the beginning of many songs that we would be called upon to write for this groundbreaking animated series that would eventually be seen by millions of fans around the world. I became the singing voice of the character Lancer/YellowDancer, who was featured in The New Generation...

       ~ Michael Bradley, liner notes from the Lonely Soldier Boy CD

     ...When approached to write and perform music for Robotech's Yellow Dancer, Michael Bradley was not told about his animated character's "double feature". During production, Yellow Dancer was always refered to as the masculine Lancer. If I recall correctly, [Lancer] was described as a kind of "Top Gun" jet pilot type of guy (not sure if that was very accurate). No one ever mentioned that he also wore a bra and pretended to be a woman when he was performing as a rock star. If I had known that, I probably would have sung the vocals a little more feminine (I was also an actor, after all) or, at the very least, I would have dressed as a woman in the studio. 
      ~ Michael Bradley, Robotech 20th Anniversary Edition Soundtrack liner notes

Although Michael was originally brought on board to write Flower of Life, a song sung by female vocalist Joanne Harris and used in the Southern Cross saga of Robotech (episode 57), he was asked to write more music as well as sing for the New Generation saga and Robotech: The Untold Story (movie). This was a fortunate move on the part of Robotech's music supervisor, Thomas White, as twenty-plus years later, many fans still fondly remember the music.

The 'Yellow Dancer' character first appears in Robotech's episode 63, titled "Lonely Soldier Boy", named after the featured song. Other titles co-written and/or performed by Michael are: In My Heart, Saved by Science, The Future is Now, Look Up! The Sky is Falling, It Don't Get any Better, Underground, and The Way to Love. It was made evident how special the music Michael wrote is to so many people during recent live performances at several anime conventions across the United States, as well as South America's Chile.

The resurgence has brought about a new album in March of 2007, Lonely Soldier Boy, which is a CD of favorite Robotech music with new arrangements. A follow-up acoustic album was also released in December 2008, entitled Lonely Soldier Boy II ~ An Acoustic Album.

Fans continue to contact Michael after all these years with messages of thanks and stories of how Yellow Dancer's music had impacted them... and continue to do so.

....  a very, very heartfelt thanks to the Robotech fans. I have never felt so humbled to hear the stories from the fans about how these songs affected them, especially the members of the armed forces around the world who took Lonely Soldier Boy to heart. I hope they find the new versions of these songs as satisfying as the originals. It has really made me look back at my career with a certain satisfaction that I would never have had if I had not been in contact with the fans around the U.S. and the rest of the world.

~ Michael Bradley, liner notes from the Lonely Solider Boy CD

Yellow Dancer/Lancer character information can be found at: Robotech.com's Character Bio page.

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