chile gracias
photo by Abraham Baeza       


Claudia Pilar Cabezas Vergara

y Carlos Aguilera de Anime Expo Santiago,

y los músicos de mi banda increíble!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

chile band
photo by Joe Verdi             

chile band
Guitar: Luis "The Master" Romero
Drums: Carlos "Kincho" Aguilera
Bass: Claudio "Yayo" Maulen
Keys: Daniel Reyes
Vocals: (Flower of Life) Jennifer Boldt
Vocals: (To Be in Love) Paola
Vocals: Joliet

Translator: Maria Jose Cabezas

photo by Joe Verdi     

Opening Theme

Lonely Soldier Boy -wide view

The Way to Love

Look Up! (complete footage)

We Will Win (original)

Lonely Soldier Boy (close up)

Saved By Science

Lonely Soldier Boy (acoustic)


Look Up! The Sky is Falling

We Will Win (acoustic)

Message in a Bottle (The Police cover)

Robotech Medley Mix -band

Compilation Mix

Flower of Life

The Future is Now