Haikaa's album: "Work of Art" now available on iTunes!

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Work of Art

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Hi everybody!

I'm proud to announce that a very talented and inspiring artist with whom I've been working for the last three years has finally released her new album on iTunes.

Haikaa, a beautiful singer-songwriter from Sao Paulo, Brazil debuts her first major world-wide release, "Work of Art" on iTunes this week.

I was lucky enough to be brought in by her producer, Ross Leitner, to arrange and play most of the guitars and some bass tracks on the record. We just recently returned to the studio and added my background vocals as well... and now the album has been remixed and mastered.

Ross and Haikaa have very generously given me credit as co-producer and I couldn't be more proud of this collaboration... I'm blessed to have my named associated with such an inspiring and positive project.

Haikaa's beautiful voice and songs are an inspiration and I hope everyone out there checks out this record... it truly is a "Work of Art!"


Work of Art on iTunes

Be sure to check out the animated music video for Heart to Heart  featuring "chibi" Haikaa, Ross, and Michael (kawaii!!!)

Heart to Heart
is a song by:
Haikaa and Mio Ishihara/

Performed by:
Michael Bradley
and Ross Leitner

Animation by:
Rodrigo Seiji Himoro and
Rafael Nakahara Anzai.

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