Studio Production: Haikaa


During the summer of 2010, Michael Bradley, along with music partner and engineer Ross Leitner, continued their collaborative production of Brazilian singer-songwriter, Haikaa, and her album Work of Art.

Haikaa's album has evolved from it's original 2008 production into an elaborate global project that brought together talented people from all around the world.

Photo - In studio filming Work of Art Global Project music video.
From left to right: Ross Leitner, Haikaa, Michael Bradley.
Haikaa speaks about the title track Work of Art :
I wrote the song “Work of Art” as a sort of reminder of who I am and what really matters to me. From a broader perspective, this is a song that celebrates the uniqueness of every individual and the unlimited diversity that results from this uniqueness....In the “Work of Art Global Project”, I combined my love for connecting with people and for speaking languages and decided to see how many versions of this song I could come up with.    ~ HAIKAA

Currently, Work of Art can be sung in an astonishing 19 different languages.

As mentioned in previous blogs, Michael Bradley was brought on board to this project in 2008. Michael did most of the guitar arrangements (and even played some bass). He ended up becoming deeply involved in the making of the record that Michael is receiving production credit on Work of Art.

2011 Update: Haikaa's latest single, "Heart to Heart", once again includes Michael Bradley performing on guitars and bass. The song also features him on background vocals! These vocal arrangements with Michael worked so well, that the 2011 release of the Work of Art album includes Michael's background vocals on several songs.

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Below you will see the second, most recent video produced for Work of Art. We hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to leave any comments for the video on YouTube, as it be would be greatly appreciated.

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Images and videos courtesy of Haikaa Music  2010

Live at Kulak's Woodshed - Call Me By My Name- 2011

Live at Kulak's Woodshed - I'll Wait- 2011

Heart To Heart - Animated Video by Rodrigo Seiji Himoro and Rafael Nakahara Anzai - Featuring Michael Bradley - 2011

Everything I Know About Love - with Lyrics  - Featuring Michael Bradley - 2011